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24 Volt 6x4 Gator XUV

Regular price $1,062.67
24 Volt 6x4 Gator XUV
The Gator has gone to the next level with the all-new Gator XUV 6x4!

This aggressive new vehicle has serious hauling capabilities. Equipped with an extra-large dump bed that can hold up to 66 pounds, the 6x4 let’s children load, haul and dump almost anything. The 24 volt battery gives the 6x4 the capability to carry heavy loads, without sacrificing performance. Four-wheel drive allows the Gator XUV 6x4 to power up hills and maneuver with ease. The 2-speed shifter with reverse allows children to drive at 2.5 mph or 5 mph on grass, dirt or hard surfaces. Parents will appreciate the adjustable seats for growing children and the 5 mph lockout prevents beginners from going too fast.

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